Friday, November 14, 2008

Green Ginger Caipirinha

I thought we'd start with a drink - after all, many good things do.

Welcome: after apple-picking is a way to share the recipes I love with friends everywhere - those I've cooked for and those I haven't. It's a way to get around to the hundreds of recipes I've never made but have always wanted to, to share the favorites I always come back to, and to spend time thinking and writing (even more) about the sublime everyday pleasure that is food. And so a toast - to beginnings. And to cooking, learning and eating, together and alone. I hope this archive of my favorite things to cook and eat gives you all that these recipes give me - and I look forward so much to your ideas and suggestions.  
Ze drink? A number of weeks ago now, after my first sip of this severely bastardised 'caipirinha', I announced that my summer this year would be sponsored by Stone's Green Ginger Wine. Later in the evening, after a good number more sips, I announced that I would start a food blog. Since then, I've served Stone's at my birthday party, at our first barbecue of the year, and have found ways to drag the giant jewel-green bottle out just about every Friday night, whether we have company or not. I can't get enough and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

So head to your local bottle shop and venture into the corner you'd usually avoid. Yes, the one lined with boxes and flagons of McWilliams sweet sherry and novelty-sized ruby ports. There, in its 1.5l bottle, (it could last you all summer) you'll find Stone's Green Ginger Wine. Now, a sip of Stone's delivers one super-zingy ginger blast - spicy, sweet, smooth - and is surprisingly good simply splashed over a couple of ice cubes. Sniffing some excellent potential from the beginning, I took myself here and discovered a multitude of ways to enjoy the golden-green liquor, but I can't get far beyond the Green Ginger Caipirinha. You simply muddle small wedges of fresh lime, brown sugar and a few mint leaves in the bottom of a glass, fill with crushed ice and top up with Stone's Green Ginger Wine. Perfectly refreshing. For a less spicy incarnation, top up with lemonade or soda water to taste. Chink, chink.

So cheers, and do come by again soon! The oven's on and I've got big plans.x


  1. Yeah! The blog is up and running! Looking forward to reading about all your tasty treats! Sian

  2. Hola chica!
    Looks great. I cannot wait to be inspired by your cooking gifts.

  3. Oh look what you've done - I really feel like a drink now! Well done sweets, it's looking great xx Williams

  4. Hi, Alexia.

    I have v. fond memories of your Green ginger cocktail and all the other goodies you served at your party, which i stupidly thought was going to be BYO drinks with chips and nuts - How wrong was I!? How Sydney of me! And then there was the Italian Cheese cake! Will we be seeing that recipe? xx tee.

  5. Hi folk! Thanks for stopping by!

    Therese/Grace: Italian Cheese Cake with Chocolate Crust - you bring a fork and hungry tummy, I'll bake it again.x

  6. I clicked over from Smitten Kitchen -- lovely blog. I tell you, ginger is the flavor (er... flavour) memory of my trip to Australia. And I've had this ginger wine! Too bad I can't get it here; this drink sounds really festive and perfect for the holidays!


  7. Laura - thanks for your post! How great is ginger? I love that it finds its way into so many different cuisines. That is really too bad about not being able to get Stones in the U.S.: so yummy.


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