Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Neither here nor there - with an egg on top

In Pierre Koralnik's 1967 telemusical Anna, there's this great scene where Anna Karina - in the throes of an intense crush - is just fluffing about at home. Those who've seen this great film will know that she's about to break into one the highlight songs of the movie, 'Rollergirl'. But before she does, she dilly-dallies around her apartment for a bit in thigh-high striped socks. For the briefest moment, she decides to cook an egg: she cracks into into the little pan, stirs it with a chopstick or something, but then just gives up and walks away. She doesn't know what she wants - and that's exactly how I feel at the moment.

Which, actually, has led me to eating a lot of eggs. Or things with eggs on top. So while I don't have a recipe (still) for you, I have a list of things which are made even more excellent with an egg on top. Like plain risotto - especially if you fry some sage leaves until they're crispy and scatter them over.

Or put one on top of some ratatouille, or sauteed cavelo nero with a bit of garlic. Or in the middle of some sauteed green peas and bits of chorizo to make Tessa Kiros's Portuguese eggs - or set a perfectly poached one on top of a handful of still slightly crisp asparagus and shave some parmesan over the top. Or just put one on a plate, splash it with hot sauce and eat it with bread. If you didn't eat the egg - if you just smoked a cigarette instead - you'd probably end up looking a bit more like Anna Karina. But for all those times when you're sitting around in your stripy socks on a sunny morning, feeling neither here nor there - an egg is almost perfect.


  1. I've been in a 'I'm hungry but I'm not in the mood for anything' mood since we got back from Hong Kong.. haha Eggs have been a staple since we got home! Love the idea of eggs with hot sauce haven't tried that one before.

  2. I like eggs too, they just liven up a dish that can be rather boring.

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