Friday, May 14, 2010

peas, ham and unpopular fish: geeking out over food-talk on a Friday morning

Fridays are the best day of the week for a number of reasons. I work from home, take a morning break and head to the market, get washing done (life is exciting, non?) and sometimes put my hair in pin curls to head out in the evening. Possibly the best thing about Fridays though is that I've made it a habit to listen to the SPILLED MILK podcast in the morning while I eat toast and drink coffee. This makes me very, very happy - so I thought I should share it.

This is a series of podcasts with weekly installments by two foodies that some of you will know: Molly Wizenberg of the wonderful blog Orangette and author of A Homemade Life and her partner in crime Matthew Amster-Burton who's behind blog Roots and Grubs and book Hungry Monkey. The podcasts feature a weekly theme (peas, crispy potatoes, junk food or ham etc) that each show works around as the hosts offer lots of information on foodstuffs and recipes that showcase the weekly special ingredient. Mostly though, it is seriously hilarious; Molly and Matthew are passionate, but they're also witty, nutty and a bit cheeky. Really, you've never thought sitting around listening to people talk about food could be so fun. Set this to download and go make some toast and coffee, really.


  1. uh oh - i used listened to the 'fried egg' episode and i'm already hooked...

  2. I'm so glad you like it! I'm totally addicted...


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