Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Very Vintage Christmas in July

When your house is full of people dressed in mid-century clothing and you've just eaten a buffet dinner and drunk too much champagne from Marie Antoinette glasses that don't hold the bubbles in, at around midnight, Bad Santa comes to visit. 

Coming soon: a post on what I learned about cooking a buffet dinner for 25 people and the real dangers of sitting on Santa's lap. But for now,



  1. Bahahaha! The ridiculous way Snow White runs in that movie suddenly makes so much more sense...

  2. Cannot wait to read about that one (nb, have just discovered your blog and chastised myself for taking so long that I've just sat and trawled through the archives. Best sneaky hour I've had in a long time)

  3. Hannah: doesn't it? I'm not sure I looked like Snow White when I woke up, actually...

    tori: thanks for spending your sneaky hour with me!

  4. please tell me you're coming to my virtual birthday party. i have a feeling you, santa and the cat would be VERY entertaining guests.


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