Monday, June 18, 2012

link love

It's Sunday night and I just felt like I should write. But I haven't cooked anything. In fact, I've slipped into that place where you just kinda eat toast for every meal and your stomach lets you do it and you drink lots of tea. I've been unwell as well as busy this week, so I guess that's okay.

It's a cold, wet night but I'm feeling that Sunday evening optimism for the week ahead that pops up sometimes. I think it is at least partly because this is attached to my head:

A lovely friend bought me a vintage bonnet-style hair dryer last week, as I've just recently had my hair cut into a proper 1940s/1950s style. I think this hot air-filled hat is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me since I met Quincy. Not only because it dries my pin curl set while I watch the news or knit or edit my goddamnmofoofathesis, but because it warms my brain up real good, too, and makes me feel all sort of awesome and relaxed. Like how I imagine Quincy feels when she's grilling her paws under the column heater on the rug.

So I thought I'd share some excellent things I've read/cooked/seen/wanted recently. Spread the love, etc.

1. Tavi Gevinson's TED talk pretty much made my week. Watch it and send it to all the young women (especially teenagers!) that you know.

2. Lovely Miss Mimi who writes 1972: The Retro Weight Watchers Experiment is holding a retro Weight Watchers potluck, and guess who's bringing main dishes?! That's right, yours truly - along with my gelatin-molding pal Emily over at Dinner is Served 1972. You know my friends are just dying to be chosen to come eat the results with me. Stay tuned!

3. I discovered this blog and read it all afternoon while I was stuck in bed. It's a really great resource for wallet-friendly recipe ideas - but it also really got me thinking about food prices in Australia. Have a look and see what you think. Or just skip straight to this chocolate mug cake. Doesn't that look awesome?1? It almost makes me wish I had a microwave.

4. Shoes at Kate Spade. I die.

5. Twin Peaks-themed fabrics at Spoonflower. Let's Rock.

6. I love Bon Appetit's Friday afternoon cocktail series, The Happy Hour. This week, it's vodka, lime, mint, blueberries and St-Germain - that gorgeous elderflower liqueur - in a Blueberry Smash. Totally bookmarked for summer.

7. I've started running again. I'll explain why soon, but I came across Team Bangs on the Run's site this week and totally gobbled it all up. Start with the team mannifesto, check out how hot they all are and sign up for the newsletter for great tips.

8. I love links. I can't help it. I had my first hot dog from Snag Stand this week and I really, really enjoyed it. They had a vegetarian chorizo hot dog on the menu. I wanted that, also.

9. My kingdom for a horse. Or, to be able to write like this. I read this over an otherwise miserable lunch and it took my breath away.

10. Some people believe procrastination is a good and productive thing. I am one of them. LOOK WHAT I FOUND.



  1. oh so many new drinks!!!!

    number 10 is exquisite.

    1. Yes! Excellent drink resource, for all seasons!

      A FB friend wrote that he was going to phone the RSPCA when I posted number 10. Some people just don't get it.

  2. Is it any wonder that, loving you as I do, I also love all your links? ALL THE THINGS! Even though I've been using my staple chocolate mug cake recipe for a few years now (particularly lovin' on it when I add peanut butter cups), I'm truly happy to see this eggless version, because you know what? Halving an egg for my version is a b*tch.

    Oops, should I not swear? Real ladies don't swear. Bahaha!

    I've been scanning through the Kate Spade shoes thinking "Don't love 'em, not sparkly enough", and then BAM! FELIX! CORA! ALL THE THINGS!

    I need to stop before I comment on everything here. xo

    1. Haha, I was thinking about swearing and blogging the other day. Specifically, I wonder if people can tell that I'm a bit of a potty mouth in real life? Cause I can be/am.

      There's goodness for everyone at Kate Spade. I need at least 4 pairs from the current collection. AT LEAST.


    Aaaaargh why am I not richypants?!

    1. It would be so great if you could just get up in the morning and put your richypants on. And go shop at Kate Spade.


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