Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a toast to tueday evenings: the cointreau teese

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged more recipes for drinks here. You see, I love a drink. Like, really love. In fact, more than one drink. Multiples, many, lots. Liquor is my drug of choice – and I’m not afraid to admit it. Recently, Santa Claus (knowing this about me) came round with a sack full o’ gifts, including most of a bottle of Cointreau that he said wasn’t to his tastes. Just quietly, I think Old Saint Nick is more of a beer man. So I politely obliged and promised I’d put the triple sec to good use. And boy, did I ever.

Here’s a tip: if you’re looking for interesting but relatively simple recipes for mixed drinks and cocktails that will put a bottle from your cabinet to good use, look up the relevant spirit’s website. There are treasures, my friends… treasures! To wit: see the homepage of the world's most delicious gin.  Or, this gorgeous violet-infused tipple that comes courtesy of Dita Von Teese via the Cointreau website. Is it not the prettiest thing you’ve seen on a Tuesday evening in forever?

Usually I steer clear of drinks in strange colours. The times I haven’t have usually ended in bruised knees and/or a dirty big headache. But French violet syrup and orange liqueur? I had to have this in my mouth asap. Earlier today I happened to be in Carlton to meet a friend for coffee and walked past La Parisienne. Intrigued by the escargot plates in the window, I thought: better take a look, non? But I forgot about those darling plates in the window as soon as I saw the Monin display.

Sure, this syrup looks like it’s had some of those moody mauve blooms dipping their toes playfully in it, but amazingly – gorgeously – it also tastes as if a whole posy has been hanging out in the bottle. It tastes the way violets smell, and that is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Don’t believe me? Come over. Or get a bottle yourself.

The floral promise of this prettiest drink might make you feel unsure. It did me. But imagine that heady bouquet grounded in the strong, warm base of the orange liqueur and juiced up a little with some apple. Then, the whole lot is brought to life with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice before being all shook up with ice to hold the perfume perfectly still. Put on some Barry Adamson (or whatever sexy, sleazy records your friends have been pumping through your stereo) and take a sip. It’s pretty magic – which is important in a cocktail, I think.

So, what do you think? Flowers in drinks? And, flowers (specifically violets) in what else?


Cointreau Teese
Recipe from
Makes 1

40ml Cointreau
20ml Apple juice
15ml Monin violet syrup
15ml Fresh lemon juice  

Purple bloom, for garnish

1. Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker over ice. Shake until chilled and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a purple-kinda flower. Drink. 


  1. Oh. Oh, the sadface. Not only orange, but hard orange liquor that reminds me of the only-one-of-two times I've drunk enough to have a hangover.

    That said, I like hearing from you about anything, anytime. HUGS!

  2. Don't be sad, lovely. I *finally* went to the post office yesterday. Expect.

  3. I've already eaten chocolate with flowers, more precisely with violets...
    but this drink tip looks fantastic!
    I love Cointreau, my most favourite liquor...

  4. Oh yum! Chocolate with violets! I've already got like, three more ideas to try out this syrup with - and I've only had it for one day. Bring them on!

  5. I am heartily in favour of floral drinks, and just about any cocktail involving Cointreau. Sign me up.

  6. I made another one last night. It was still ace. I'm thinking violet ice cream now though...

  7. Looks good, I want one now. Also love the sound of violet ice cream, have had lavender ice cream and it was awesome.


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